Monday, 9 Dec 2019
Category: Finance

Budgeting Tips In Every Decade Of Your Life

Money is a constant issue in life. It is a vital factor in your budget. As you grow older, your budgeting plan changes accordingly. The milestones in every stage of your life can alter your expenses. Check out the following life stages and learn the basic rules to prepare for them: Budgeting in the 20s […]

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Why You Might Need A Multiple Budget?

Budgeting will help you manage your personal finances. A practical budget sustains your regular expenditures and prevents you from debt. However, there are circumstances that necessitate more than one budget. Here are some reasons why you need multiple budgets: #1 – You encounter significant life changes Life shifts and events can cost you money. Examples […]

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What Should You Consider When Looking For a Car Loan

Getting an auto loan isn’t as straightforward as browsing the online for a car. You need to take your time shopping around for a car loan while considering these factors. 1. Auto loan restrictions Most banks and monetary establishments will currently provide a loan amounting to up to 80% of the car’s open market value (OMV). The loan term may also span up to seven (7) years. On the opposite, you have to ponder how much you may pay as downpayment and […]

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