Monday, 9 Dec 2019

Where Can Php1, 000.00 Take You?

Is it possible to relax with a limited budget? The answer is yes! If you are residing in Quezon City, Php1, 000.00 is enough to go out and relax. Here are the couple of things you can do
with your Php1, 000.00:

Visit Tomas Morato in Quezon City, there are tons of affordable spa in Quezon city that you can find. The price for the standard massage starts at Php300.00 in which allows you to spend more
to other self-pampering activities with the remaining Php700.00

After the rejuvenating massage, go over to Pares Retiro to satisfy your cravings. Bulalo, lomi, sizzling pares, are just some of the bestseller foods you must try at this affordable
restaurant. Prices start at Php99.00 up to Php240.00.

Since Tomas Morato is a just 30-minute drive away from Trinoma, watch the latest movie for as low as Php280.00. If you are always at Trinoma, Robinsons Magnolia Cinema could be an
alternative movie house you can choose where a ticket price starts at Php295.00. Doing these three different self-pampering activities, you still have the remaining budget for
the fourth activity!

How could that happen?

Let’s do the recap, shall we? Remember, you have Php1, 000.00 as your budget to relax for a day.

  • First activity: Get a massage worth Php300.00
  • Second activity: You satisfy your cravings at Pares Retiro worth Php200.00
  • Third activity: You watch the latest movie in Robinsons Magnolia Cinema worth Php295.00

You have spent Php795.00 and you still have Php205.00 to buy your favorite Matcha Affogato Ice Blended at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf for less than Php200.00.

To treat yourself occasionally does not mean you have to spend over Php1,000.00. It’s a matter of how you manage your budget and finding the perfect places for you without breaking the bank. Also, dating yourself does not mean that you are a loner or weird, you just enjoy the act of loving yourself.

Do you want to maximize your budget and break away from the noise of the metro? Why don’t you try to explore the best Subic Zambales beach resorts and tourist attractions?

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